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Multi-purpose technology

UK technology fuels our most successful industries, including digital, creative, financial services, high-value manufacturing, retail and agriculture.

Creative solutions

Many of the world’s best-known companies use technology innovations from the UK including artificial intelligence, data centres and 5G communication.

Pioneering culture

The UK has one of the world’s largest technology industries with thousands of tech start-ups, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial culture.

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Perlego is the eBook subscription service for textbooks. We work with the leading publishers globally to aggregate over 100,000 eBooks and publications within an intuitive and interactive online platform.


Procurement, Business Development & Consultancy company which helps its clients in sourcing and supply of equipment, material and spare for a number of industries.

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Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are experts in providing exclusive products which can be used in medical and mechanical industries. KBS maintain fast support and always provide the right solution, whether you need monitors, keyboards or peripherals.

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Business Made in UK