Products manufacturing and services delivery are key drivers of British economy. They support millions of jobs, bring new businesses to our towns and cities, generate opportunities in rural areas and serve as source of pride for the people of United Kingdom. This is why the British Government has invested significantly in the Great campaign and why I have created this Made in UK campaign.

The UK was home to the regulation and practice of COO, and considering that the old European Commission product origin proposal no longer applies to UK businesses, it has become very important to distinguish the products and services made in UK, by implementing a clear branding and labelling system.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty brought by Brexit, we are trying to bring the “Made in UK” marketing into a national branding campaign. It is believed that comparing with the other positioning strategies, “Made in UK” would be the best way to re-define uniqueness of UK manufacturing businesses and clearly distinguish British made products and services.

The labelling system is made to be an open-source solution to UK manufacturers, please feel free to download the “Made in UK” label design files and implement the concept in your products and services.